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View Aquascaping African Cichlid Aquarium
. Some are small and would be swallowed easily by catfish. Have you every thought of doing one on your local fw fish or yabbies etc? Tank examples: New Aquascape Tank examples: New Aquascape from

Go ahead and plan a visit and take in the live inspiration. We are obsessed with aquascaping, yes! If you want to rig up your cichlid tank with aquatic plants, you're facing a problem.

While it is true that they are aggressive, each species displays varied levels of aggression and their aggression levels can be minimized with the right aquarium set up.

This is a nice scape but it loses a little of the natural feel because of the vertical placing of the rocks. Each species has its own pattern and coloration, so there is one to suit everybody. African cichlid aquarium using limestone rock. Aquascaping is an online store dedicated to all hobbyists in india.

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