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Download Mbuna Aquascape
. The name mbuna means rockfish in the language of the tonga people of malawi. This african cichlid aquarium is the one that started me back in the hobby.

2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest - #41
2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest – #41 from

Malawi cichlids 285 views7 months ago. Sederhananya, aquascape merupakan sebuah akuarium yang lebih. A moderate amount of cosmetic sand in the center together with the plants grown directly.

Nycity cichlids 632 views4 year.

Each aquascape that every hobbyist performs will be unique to its own, regardless of size or methods. Kebutuhan utama silahkan mengatur hardscape / layout dari aquascape anda. It is an lake malawi dwarf mbuna cichlid setup. Tanaman aquascape yang berada pada akuarium tidak hanya sebagai pemercantik akuarium.

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