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. It's one thing to be good at something, and another thing to be. They are often the highlight of any aquarist's collection and are even entered into yearly competitions.

Best World Aquascape - Underwater Landscapes - Awesome ...
Best World Aquascape – Underwater Landscapes – Awesome … from

Aquascaping world forum and magazine offers planted aquarium design techniques, tips, and aquascaping tutorials. Ray mccune owns aquascaping shop scaped nature. The international aquatic plants layout contest (iaplc) is the world's largest aquascaping competition.

The aquascaping master takeshi amano and his beautiful creations have undoubtedly had a huge influence on aquascaping as we know it today.

Our basic guide gives you everything you need to know to start building. Discuss aquascaping and planted aquariums with our community. Aquascape designs include a number of distinct styles. It is also the country whose master aquascapers (arquitetos aquapaisagistas in portuguese) have burst onto the aquascaping world stage and taken it by storm!

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