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31+ Aquascaping A Reef Tank
. Careful planning up front will help ensure you enjoy your reef aquarium for years to come. Aquascaping your reef tank aquarium is a form of art, your art!

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Design your nano reef aquascape as if you are framing a photograph. Reef tank aquariums can be expensive to setup and difficult to maintain. It's so far in the other direction that it almost looks like the ancient ruins at mesa verde and the like.

A pictorial review of the 8 large tank team planted aquarium entries in the 2017 aquascaping live!

Strategic rock placement using design techniques can do wonders. A clean, pristine tank is what makes us tick. This article lays out the basics of plant layout, gravel selection, coral suggestions, and other decorations. Now measure 11.45 inches from one side of the tank (you can measure from either side, but which side to put the focal point on is up to you).

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