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18+ Aquascaping Techniques
. Discussion in 'aquatic photography' started by john n can anyone recommend any photographic techniques used to take the final photo of an aquascape? Basically, it's really meticulous decorating, planned out to the tiniest detail.

Aquascaping, de 5 beste tips voor een prachtige aquascape ...
Aquascaping, de 5 beste tips voor een prachtige aquascape … from

There are so many aquascaping tools in the market that are intended for building and maintaining planted aquariums. The biggest factor that makes their tanks beautiful. Basically, there are two different methods for cutting back aquatic plants.

Think of us as the artist, our hands and tools as the brush.

It's commonly associated with freshwater live planted aquariums, however saltwater reef aquariums also utilize this. Aquascaping may be a form of art in which imagination and creativity play an essential role, but the rule of thirds is a great composition technique and refers exactly at how we can use imaginary. Our basic guide gives you everything you need to know to start the following tips should be helpful for you in aquascaping an aquarium. This video focusses on aquascape maintenance.

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