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Get Standing Seam Awnings
. Standing seam awnings have long been a top choice among business owners who want to enjoy shade products that catch the eye of passersby even as they provide exterior shelter and interior. Protecting and keeping your customers comfortable.

Marygrove Awning Texas - Houston, Texas - awnings ...
Marygrove Awning Texas – Houston, Texas – awnings … from

We can design and build any type of awning or walkway cover to any specifications our. Please call for product availability. They shield your windows from the direct rays of the sun, keeping your home, business or workplace cooler.

450 lf of standing seam awning (with soffit).

The austin standing seam awning features a popular modern design suitable for both commercial and residential applications. These metal awnings are low maintenance, easy to keep clean, and have a clean, modern design. Awning size and color are customizable. Metal awnings are structural aluminum material engineered and tested to withstand serious wind choose either bahama shutter style or houstonian standing seam style to meet fixed installation.

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