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40+ Buried In Your Backyard
. We are here to share our music with the world. Gdoh, megan, is this thing of ours still on?

Stop Burying Your Pets in the Backyard
Stop Burying Your Pets in the Backyard from

I suggest burying him/her in your backyard, so you can always remember him/her. But in the last 20 years or so, they've changed yet again. So i think even if you can't have her whole body, you can get her ashes and bury those.

An unsuspecting field worker makes a horrifying discovery in a backyard orchard and detectives chase down deadly clues.

My dog was cremated, but we got her ashes and buried her in our backyard. No one would suspect that the perfectly manicured lawns with trimmed hedges and fences lined up like toy soldiers would harbor such a secret, but sometimes things are not always what they seem. Just a couple of kids trying to make music and do what they on stage with other people who share the same goal. Make sure your dog is wrapped in a blanket, sheet, towel, etc.

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