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35+ Easy Backyard Obstacle Course
. For this past obstacle course, we spent under $50 on materials. We timed the kids to see how fast they could go through.

Obstacle Course for Kids: Ideas that are Super Simple ...
Obstacle Course for Kids: Ideas that are Super Simple … from

They have been setting up obstacle courses and then doing them over and over and over. You'd be surprised by how much variety and fun can busy toddlers will love this fun course. Help them work it off with an obstacle course.

How to make a backyard obstacle course.

She is flexible with her dates and will work around what is best for you. Just the active play outlet that we needed! Boston's leading party rental company providing bounce house & party rental equipment in the greater boston area and through out the state of massachusetts. From simple obstacles for the smaller kids to larger obstacles with huge slides, test your skills to see who can get to the end the fastest!

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