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30+ Backyard Door Latch
. Never use interior door hardware for an outdoor wooden gate. Facing the doors on the inside with braces and ledges, hinges, bolts, latch and catch latch on a string.

03-006BK Sliding Patio Door Handle Set
03-006BK Sliding Patio Door Handle Set from

All have a latch bolt to secure doors in the closed position. Door shops will most likely utilize a router jig to clear out the material throughout the crossbore (latch opening). A latch typically engages another piece of hardware on the other mounting surface.

The doors now open onto a bluestone terrace that overlooks the rest of the property, where this old house landscape contractor roger cook has carved out so landscape architect paul maue nestled a bluestone terrace right outside french doors that lead from three keys areas of the house:

I have a 2 panel (active/passive) andersen french door (outswing). Door latches are very simple devices, normally you'd fit them on an internal door if you didn't need to lock it but wanted a handle to use the door. They differ in one respect, walls are permanent while doors are not. Black covered with silver patina, lacquered.

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